The Bullying Stories

It was in 6th grade when things started to go hill for me. From what I thought was a joke, eventually became full of taunting and isolation. I wasn’t always the person that wanted to fit in, and so people took advantage of that and would “jokingly” say mean things about me, but after the jokes came the isolation. Where ever I sat was to them misery. They would hide from me or move closer to their friend and at that time it didn’t really hurt me that much. But it was in seventh grade when the isolation and taunting got worse. Nobody wanted to be my friend. Nobody wanted to talk to me. I was always lonely. My thoughts of who I really am was marred by the taunts of the students. I still to this day have mental scars from the bullying and struggle with misophonia due to the severe amount of stress I had encountered as a child. I am better than who I was in the past and I’m still in school; a junior in HS. And have moments were I would get isolated and talked bad about, but now I choose to ignore and keep to myself and be there for those who have no friends.
That’s all.

Written by: Srihitha Suryadevara

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