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Step in and Speak out


You’re in control

You’re your own person and you have the power to make a difference. Bullies feed on those they think they can rattle. Even though, really, deep down inside they are pretty insecure and vulnerable – their bullying is a way to mask that.  So, you have the chance to just cut it off from the start. When you step in and speak out, you are showing the bully:

• You can’t be pushed around, or the person you’re standing up for can’t either

• You’ve got their number and you’re onto them: stop it

• You know where to go to get help, like a teacher, principal, community member, older kid or parent

Be a watchdog. The idea isn’t to aggravate or incite, but to diffuse and move on. We hold lots of events where you can hear from sports figures, TV stars, local community leaders and others who can give you great advice and help you feel in charge if it’s happening to you or someone you know. 


The Bullying Stories

It was in 6th grade when things started to go hill for me. From what I thought was a joke, eventually became full of taunting and isolation. I wasn’t always the person that wanted to fit in, and so people took advantage of that and would “jokingly” say mean things about me, but after the jokes came the isolation. Where ever I sat was to them misery. They would hide from me or move closer to their friend and at that time it didn’t really hurt me that much. But it was in seventh grade when the isolation and taunting got worse. Nobody wanted to be my friend. Nobody wanted to talk to me. I was always lonely. My thoughts of who I really am was marred by the taunts of the students. I still to this day have mental scars from the bullying and struggle with misophonia due to the severe amount of stress I had encountered as a child. I am better than who I was in the past and I’m still in school; a junior in HS. And have moments were I would get isolated and talked bad about, but now I choose to ignore and keep to myself and be there for those who have no friends.
That’s all.

Written by: Srihitha Suryadevara

Bullying Stories

This is still going on, but I really need somewhere to talk about it.
At the moment I feel extremely ignored and abandoned by almost all of my friends. They close me off from the group conversations and we rarely talk anymore. When we do talk it’s all jokes and making fun of each other, and never anything serious like we were last year. Last year, we were all super supportive of each other, confiding in each other and saying how close we could be. Now, we’re a year older, and I feel ostracized from the group while they’re still all really close.
I’ve told them everything. When I say everything, I mean /everything./ There’s so much I’ve told them; they are the people I trusted the most. It hurts to think that they stopped caring and don’t like me anymore.
I have some very serious mental health issues. I would prefer to not state them but it makes it really hard to talk to new people and trust them. When I finally trust them, I trust them for good and treat them with utmost respect. I feel like that might make them feel as though they can just walk all over me. If the person I trusted decides they don’t like me anymore, or acts distant, my entire demeanor with them shifts, and then I hate them. As one would expect it doesn’t fare well with said person, and they decide to leave me for good. It’s happened multiple times and I have abandonment issues because of it.
One friend in particular is one I trusted so much more, and one who is ignoring me the most. The new friends he has were the first to start ignoring me, so I feel as though he could have been influenced by them into not liking me.
This really hurts. I have no idea what to do anymore.
And if you feel like you’re being talked about in this paragraph, rethink every decision you have made in your life and ask yourself where you went wrong. Ask yourself why you feel the need to hurt, and why you don’t care about people who have cared so much about you.

Written by: Jayden Monie

The Bullying Stories

My story starts all the way back to 3rd grade when I met a kid named A and we hit it off and became the best of friends. We remained strong friends and then 5th grade rolled around and suddenly everything changed… A had no classes with me so I decided to switch lunch periods to hang out with my best friend. I got to the cafeteria to find he was hanging out with some new people. I sat down with A and his group but I noticed he was acting different. In the group Things me and Tony found “cool” changed and when I brought them up I suddenly got laughed at and teased about. Then the rest of the group started talking louder when I tried to speak to A. And then the group started talking A into moving to different tables and ducking their heads to avoid me going over to sit by them. And at the time A and I was in after school club and this one kid from the group also went there. And he would always say before I could reach A “Sorry. We’re already partners, go find someone else.” And one day the kid was absent and I had the chance to partner up with A. And strangely A started acting like himself again and we were laughing and shooting at paper cups with our creations. I don’t know what those people did to my best friend when he was around them but the hurt slowly beat me up inside and one day I walked up to A and said “I’m sorry but I can’t be your friend no more.” And I still remember his expression of absolute awestruck when I walked away from him. Ive never spoken to him since but I already forgave him.

– Aranvitha Pullavarthy

Age: 14 years

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