The Bullying Stories

My story starts all the way back to 3rd grade when I met a kid named A and we hit it off and became the best of friends. We remained strong friends and then 5th grade rolled around and suddenly everything changed… A had no classes with me so I decided to switch lunch periods to hang out with my best friend. I got to the cafeteria to find he was hanging out with some new people. I sat down with A and his group but I noticed he was acting different. In the group Things me and Tony found “cool” changed and when I brought them up I suddenly got laughed at and teased about. Then the rest of the group started talking louder when I tried to speak to A. And then the group started talking A into moving to different tables and ducking their heads to avoid me going over to sit by them. And at the time A and I was in after school club and this one kid from the group also went there. And he would always say before I could reach A “Sorry. We’re already partners, go find someone else.” And one day the kid was absent and I had the chance to partner up with A. And strangely A started acting like himself again and we were laughing and shooting at paper cups with our creations. I don’t know what those people did to my best friend when he was around them but the hurt slowly beat me up inside and one day I walked up to A and said “I’m sorry but I can’t be your friend no more.” And I still remember his expression of absolute awestruck when I walked away from him. Ive never spoken to him since but I already forgave him.

– Aranvitha Pullavarthy

Age: 14 years

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