Step in and Speak out


You’re in control

You’re your own person and you have the power to make a difference. Bullies feed on those they think they can rattle. Even though, really, deep down inside they are pretty insecure and vulnerable – their bullying is a way to mask that.  So, you have the chance to just cut it off from the start. When you step in and speak out, you are showing the bully:

• You can’t be pushed around, or the person you’re standing up for can’t either

• You’ve got their number and you’re onto them: stop it

• You know where to go to get help, like a teacher, principal, community member, older kid or parent

Be a watchdog. The idea isn’t to aggravate or incite, but to diffuse and move on. We hold lots of events where you can hear from sports figures, TV stars, local community leaders and others who can give you great advice and help you feel in charge if it’s happening to you or someone you know. 

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